Marbly - Puzzle Game Challenge from Tetris Creator 앱 리뷰

Decent puzzle game lacks proper guide lines

The game has a daily challenge that is not updated daily. The scoring is not defined properly either.

Love it!

Really makes you think, but so simple, worth your time.


I enjoyed the marble puzzles, some are real brain teasers! My problem is that there is a limited number of games before you have to buy more coins if you want to play more than the basic puzzles and challenges... It's still worth playing!!! Cool thing is that they fixed my problem and you get to play an additional 3 puzzles per day if you want. I had a lot of fun, hope you will too! Still love the game but PLEASE DO SOMETHING ABOUT THE ADS!!! WE DON'T GET TO FINISH CHALLENGES BECAUSE WE HAVE TO CLOSE ADS... :'-( Thanks for reading what I think about Marbly. With the hope you'll clean up the ads and follow some logic like a better time and place for them I give my regards. :-) BumbleBee

Ruined by popups

I used to play this a lot, but now the popup ads are unpleasant to deal with.

Too Many Pop Up Ads

The pop up ads crop up so often that the game, which is kind of fun, is totally in playable. I do not recommend this game for relaxation because the ads are so irritating

Too many pop ups GREEDY

It isn't worth my time.

Too many pop up ads!

I used to enjoy playing this game and would previously have given it 5 stars. The latest version has too many ads popping up during the game which is distracting. Not fun anymore.

Deleted: ads ad nauseum

Played and enjoyed this game for months... until this version. Do a puzzle see a useless ad pop up. No thanks!


Get it now!

Just got it😜

New game. No reviews. Have to say I love it. Fun. 😘💨❤️

Great game!

This game is awesome! Tons of fun. I only have one small problem. March day 12 puzzle 2 is literally impossible to gold :P Not even the solve option gets a gold on it.


Big fun love it


Fun game but that voice is scary ..... I turned it off and it still was talking


Great thinking game!


Without taking more time than I have. Addictive too.


Cute game.... Add ons seem pricey.

Charging for restarts and undos? Lame

The game is fun and entertaining, but I think it's ridiculous to charge to restart a puzzle or to undo a move. Also, a gripe I have with many games, why not make hints something earnable by completing puzzles? Would have been 5 stars, but I'm only giving 3 stars because of the price gouging.



Makes you think

Very entertaining


I love this game! It's different and challenging. It keeps me interested for hours.

Great game

Intellectually stimulating.


I like the game. Quite challenging. If you are skilled enough, you can advance to the next volume. If not, you must pay to get to the next volume, or pay $10 for the deluxe version. Seems a bit too high to me.

I love it! Great job! :)

It's amazing!!! It's very simple, yet somewhat challenging! :) I'd like to see harder levels too!!!!!

Fun once you figure out the rules

I find it fun and I nice brain teaser type game. Couldn't find the actual rules or directions which would have been helpful. Little hand at the beginning I guess was supposed to suffice. Also it seems like occasionally combo moves count against you for not alternating colors which appears to also be a rule. Could be very addictive.

Fun and relaxing

Fun and relaxing


I love this game. The concept is simple. The solutions? How good are you at solving puzzles?


Greatb&fun Game!


This game is entertaining and outstanding.

Great game

Awesome, addictive and a new favorite!!!!



Borislav g

Makes my ride to work fun.

Awesome and challenging

Good mind game.

Fun and challenging

Found this when I searched for a Tetris app and it fixed the craving

Fun and smart

I feel smarter just playing this game. Really fun and thought provoking. Recommend.

Great Game!

I wish they would release more daily challenges.


Fun and addictive!


This is a great game! Just the kind of puzzle game I most love. Many of the levels are very challenging, but if one is driving me crazy I can move on to a different puzzle. Nicely done!


The first few levels are fairly east, but each level gets a little harder. Quite challenging. Good brain game.

Fun and challenging

This little game is just about perfect. Takes 3 seconds to learn, but can be surprisingly tough. Rating, undo, replay, special challenges... Very cute and very cool. 5 stars.

Fun game

Good quick exercise for the brain


Good game, but very challenging. I just started playing and like it so far.

Great Game!

I love this game! However, I wish there were more ways to earn gold coins. I hate having to wait everyday for the daily challenge to try to get coins and if I don't get it the first try, then nothing. I just want to be able to get on to the next level and play, but it'll probably take me several more days of attempting to solve one puzzle a day on the first try to get there.

great game

only thing I want to see is clear guidelines for how to rate 'excellent' when completing a puzzle. This is the only part that doesn't appear to be consistent. otherswise this game is totally groovy.


I really do like this game a lot. This is currently my new fav puzzle game and right now i am addicted. Hopefully you find ways to make it better.


Enjoying the game but seems to me you can't get to 2nd round of puzzles without purchase. Am I missing something? If the challenges don't play into getting to next round, how can the count be "X of 54" for round 1?

Great mind tease

Fun to play. Great brain trainer

Great casual puzzle game

No screaming zombies, no countdown timers to raise your blood pressure, Marbly is just good, solid puzzle enjoyment. Solve the puzzle by sliding the marbles into rows of threes to make them disappear. But don't leave any behind! Good colors and sounds. Nice all around game play.

Great app

This game will keep you thinking Great app.


Very challenging

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