Marbly - Puzzle Game Challenge from Tetris Creator App Reviews

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Marly is a very addictive game. Well done, but at some point you will have to buy coins. GG !


Very nice


Good is not enought. Addictives is the right word.

Buy coins?!?!

Good game, but to advance beyond first sets of levels you are forced to purchase "coins". Very disappointing.

I want more!

I love this game - finished all the puzzles and want more! It took a while to figure out all the subtleties of scoring and adjust the playing strategy accordingly. The progression to more difficult-to-solve puzzles was appropriate. The achievements dont appear to be working at all - would be nice to have those fixed. Thanks for a great game. Please add more levels.

Perfect game!

Not too easy, not too hard. Just the right amount of challenge to keep me interested. You can earn new puzzles without paying.

Great Game

Love it! Fun challenging game. Cannot wait for more volumes!

Amazing game!

I dont always write reviews, but when I do, I choose to give Marbly 5 stars.


Sometimes easy, sometimes hard. Love it.

Simple, but fun.

Not overly challenging, but puzzling enough to get your brain working.

Excellent Game!

really addicting fun! made by the man behind the legendary Tetris game, this game will have you playing for hours! 10/10

So adictive and chalenging!

Though, some levels are to hard for me...

Nice game

Wow! Thats cool! So lively!


Great game! Bright and challenging!

Perfect Brain Teaser



Very challenging

Great app

This game will keep you thinking Great app.

Great casual puzzle game

No screaming zombies, no countdown timers to raise your blood pressure, Marbly is just good, solid puzzle enjoyment. Solve the puzzle by sliding the marbles into rows of threes to make them disappear. But dont leave any behind! Good colors and sounds. Nice all around game play.

Great mind tease

Fun to play. Great brain trainer


Enjoying the game but seems to me you cant get to 2nd round of puzzles without purchase. Am I missing something? If the challenges dont play into getting to next round, how can the count be "X of 54" for round 1?

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